Director/Head Coach Shane Vigus is from Billings, MT and grew up here. He went to Skyview High School and graduated high school in 2004. Coach Vigus played his high school career with the Billings Royals from 2000-2004. At the age of 16 Coach Vigus while playing with the Royals threw out his arm and needed to have Tommy John surgery. Years of excessive pitching and lack of arm care were major factors that led to this traumatic injury. After surgery and rehab he was able to DH most of his 17 year old year and finally played in most games during his senior year. Because of this experience Coach Vigus understands the importance of arm care and tries to instill in his players that self-awareness.

Coach Vigus - “Coaching high school baseball is a dream of mine. Ever since playing back in high school I felt like coaching was something I would love to eventually do. Being able to help kids get to the next level is a personal goal of mine. When I played we didn’t have all these tools that kids have these days as far as recruiting opportunities and we relied on our coaches to promote us and that unfortunately wasn’t a priority. That is exactly why I have started this team…to promote players and make sure they have the opportunity to play at the college level if they so choose to do so. Playing college ball I believe is so important because once they go to college they become part of a “family”. Most times these kids go away from home and are at a new college and alone. When they sign to play college baseball they become part of a huge family that is there to help them achieve their goals and graduate college with a degree. Graduating college with a degree is obviously the main goal and if you get to play baseball while achieving that goal all the better! This is why I have started this team and devote so much of my time to these kids. It is tough being away from my family but I have a great support system at home and am able to balance my time with both my family and baseball family. These kids really do become family…my own children even refer to my players as my baseball boys. But really my personal goal is to get all my kids college scholarships or at least opportunities to play at the college level. I just thank God for my family, the opportunities he has given me, and the success I’ve had helping my players reach the next level…go Expos!”

Coach Vigus is married to his beautiful wife Maighen and collectively they have 6 wonderful children. Their children’s names are Preston, Quentin, Lily, Braxton, Easton, and Freya. 

*Photo credit to Jessica Byrum