Welcome to Expos Baseball

Upper Deck Baseball is a team that will get you to the next level. Our focus is to get our players in front college coaches and scouts and get as much exposure as we can. Our coaches understand what it takes to coach young men and how to get you to excel at the next level. All of our coaches’ main objectives are the wellbeing of their players. We want to share with our player’s knowledge of the game while making them better both on and off the field. Coaches should be role models and that’s exactly what our coaches strive to be. We believe there is a place at the next level for all players. With this being said one must go about it the right way. You must be honest with yourself about having a hard working approach to who you are as a player and being able to put in extra work to get to the next level. Our coaches will try to maximize your opportunities to excel in baseball and ultimately provide each player with a great baseball experience. Our players realize that baseball is hard work, but also a very very fun game!

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